Flat Roofing

Transform your lifestyle in St. Charles with our flat roofing solutions

Have you ever wished you could lay on the roof and watch the stars with your family at night? Then a flat roof might be a great choice for your home! Although the weather in St. Louis can have an adverse effect on this type of roofing, our modern solutions have proven to withstand the elements far better than traditional gravel roofing. At Revelle Roofing and Exteriors, our flat roofing solutions allow homeowners to reclaim their unused roof space for recreational purposes or solar panels without breaking the bank.

Flat roofs in wet, cold weather

Flat roofs are most popular in warm climates that don't see much precipitation for good reason. Traditional gravel roofs have repeatedly shown their vulnerability to standing water and ice dams. Ice dams can cause a flat roof to sag over time, defeating the purpose of a flat roof altogether. However, the modern materials and building methods we use at Revelle Roofing and Exteriors can go a long way towards resisting the St. Louis weather.

Our solution

To accommodate our clients who wish to upgrade their lifestyle with a flat roof despite the adverse weather conditions common to St. Charles, we use a variety of modern materials (such as modified bitumen, polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polyolefin and turbo seal) along with top-grade adhesives to resist the penetration of wind and water. Additionally, we have shifted to perpetual membrane sheeting, which better resists the effects of standing water.

Total satisfaction

We are always willing to accommodate the wishes of our clients, though we make it a point to fully educate you about the pros and cons of choosing flat roofing for your home in St. Charles. The fact is, veranda-esque shingled roofs are better suited to the local climate than flat roofs. Additionally, rooftop HVAC units often create the need for more frequent roof repairs. That being said, the allure of transforming your rooftop into a recreational area is an undeniably attractive prospect, and we will always put forth our best work to deliver a long-lasting solution for your home.
Flat roof with roofing and fencing in St. Peters
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