Metal Roofing System

Exceptional commercial metal roofing in St. Charles

Our metal roofing systems are perfect for industrial and commercial applications. They are lightweight, flexible, and cost-efficient without sacrificing on durability. Metal roofing has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio that makes it ideal for large warehouses and factories. The relatively low cost and 25-year lifespan equate to long term savings, making our metal roofing system the preferred choice of St. Louis's businesses and factories.

Exceptionally durable

Traditionally, corrugated roofs are made from galvanized steel, however recent innovations have brought about proprietary metal amalgams, consisting of copper and zinc hybrids to further enhance durability and strength while reducing costs. Our roofing systems are exceptionally resistant to elemental forces such as hail, fire and wind, while their snow-shedding properties make them ideal solutions for industrial and commercial complexes situated in northern or mountainous regions.

Few drawbacks

It's no secret that metal expands with temperature increases, which translates to disruptive noises developing in your roof over time. While some may see this as an inconvenience, it is not necessarily a sign of metal fatigue or failure. Additionally, metal roofs are more expensive than their asphalt counterparts. However, we believe the long term savings on repairs and maintenance outweigh these few negatives. Our customers agree; metal roofing is extremely common in St. Charles!
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