Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing in St. Charles

No on knows modified bitumen roofing systems (MBRs) better than we do. In fact, Revelle Roofing and Exteriors has built up a reputation as St. Louis's industry leader. MBRs are an excellent choice for roofing due to their exceptional resistance against fire, splitting and thermal shock. We offer many combinations of this roofing system that allow for optimal durability, style and elemental resistance without breaking the bank.

What is modified bitumen?

Modified bitumen is an evolutionary offshoot of asphalt roofing. In MBRs, we still use asphalt roofing materials, but we amalgamate them with a series of solvents and modifiers to optimize them for the application. MBRs are formed from five different components, which can be combined in different ways to produce a truly wide variety of results. We enjoy working with MBRs because of the flexibility it offers, while customers appreciate getting exactly what they want at an affordable price.

The process

First, we choose the proper insulation to form a strong foundation or substrate for the roof. We then place a lower ply sheet under a bitumen-based ply that has been modified. Additionally, we can use a modified bitumen membrane that consists of either polyester or fiberglass. Once these steps are complete, the components can be held together using either a heated or unheated asphaltic adhesive to form a protective seal (the asphalt can also be applied using a subzero cooling process). We use a weathered surface finish to protect against UV rays, and topmost flashings to provide waterproofing around the perimeter of the roof.

Types of bitumen

The most common roofing bitumen variants that we currently use are roofing attactic polypropylene (APP) and styrene butadiene styrene (SBS). APP is less expensive but also has lower impact resistance, while SBS has superior impact resistance but is more costly. In addition, SBS modifiers give asphalt a "rubber-like" texture while APP modifiers cause roofing asphalt to exude a plasticized aesthetic. This diversity allows us to perfectly tailor our solutions to your commercial or industrial needs.
Bitumen installation in St. Peters
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